When men are women, too.

Posted on April 19, 2013 by

There’s this concept that everything that is masculine is also dominating, but men are more complex than that. Through the use of Game, modern men are essentially trying to intimidate women by being more womanly than the woman is herself. It’s such a fascinating dynamic.

  • Oneitis is inherently male (female infatuation ain’t got nothing on that), but it actually makes men more vulnerable, not less.
  • Men are generally not frivolous or indifferent, but rather quite intense/serious and preoccupied with their legacy and property. Men are therefore a bit obsessive and quite possessive.
  • The whole “dread game” dynamic is actually very feminine, as it is basically “be flaky”. Men aren’t flaky, men are constant.
  • Being overly picky about aesthetics is another unmanly thing. Manly men have no trouble getting it up and getting it on. If they refrain, it’s for moral reasons or because they think they’ve got something good that they don’t want to risk losing.

And so on. Basically, act like a huge bitch. Queen bees are dominant, so if you act like one, she’ll see you as dominant and you can perhaps leverage that for some nooky.

If she’s constantly looking for something better, look around more yourself. If she doesn’t care about her children and acts like you don’t matter, then deride her and act like she doesn’t matter, too. If she walks around in her running shoes, put one foot out the door and shock her into taking them off. If she nitpicks about your behavior, nitpick about her looks.

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