White men are scary

Posted on April 20, 2013 by

After reading Elusive Wapiti’s article on the bias against white men in university application offices, I was feeling pretty down. “White male privilege” always reminds me of Jim Crow. Nobody can explain concretely why white men belong at the back of the bus, but everyone just knows for sure that they belong there. It’s become an American tradition.

So, when I heard that they had chased down two Chechens they think are responsible for the Boston Marathon attacks, all I could think was, “Oh dear. Oh crap. Just what we need.”

Truth is, angry Muslim men are scary. Angry white Muslim men are very scary. I don’t believe in “white male privilege”, but I do have enough grasp of history to know that white men ended up in power over and over and over again because they’re freaking scary.