The opposite of slob

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In a previous thread, there was a debate about whether or not Christian women should put effort into their appearance. Is it pure vanity to wear jewelry, braid our hair, take care selecting our clothes, or put on a bit of makeup? This is something I’ve agonized over for years, and I’m finally at peace with my “adornment” because I finally have a method to my adorning madness.

We women should all desire beauty, for feminine beauty is a gift we bestow upon others. It puts a smile on the face of the people around us and it reminds them of the good things in the world. Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes… and moms in pink lace with elegant heels. The goal should be to make a sort of picture of oneself. This is a reminder of pleasant things; things that bring warmth and comfort. As if we were pretty flowers or the smell of baking apples.

Your clothes should create a sense of sexual distance to the men around you, through their formality, elegance, sleekness, or daintiness. If you look too casual, then you look too familiar. Slut and slob are related words, and if you cover up your bits and put effort into looking polished — whatever your style — then you won’t look immodest. Be preppy, be posh, be hippy, be western, be exotic, be girly, be whatever, but don’t look like you’re wearing skimpy, stained pajamas. Make sure that your clothes are neat, clean, and well-fitting. Get fit and stay slender, and do something nice with your hair.

So, if anything, I have the precise opposite opinion of our detractors. I don’t think Christian women put too much effort into their appearance, but rather too little. I think the ideal is to cultivate a sort of remote beauty. A sight for sore eyes and not an eyesore, but nothing too alluring. I think that when we do this, we make everyone’s day a little brighter.

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