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From a previous post:

It seems to me that the desire to keep a wife in a semi-unattractive state is an expression of personal weakness, of “Betatude” for want of a better term.

1. Of course. Husbands who value their wives have an obvious source of weakness, just as parents who value their children do.
2. I think it’s pretty clear that our husbands aren’t psychopaths or sociopaths, so they’re all beta in the larger scheme of things.
3. A danger signal? Of what, precisely? If he is indifferent to losing his wife, then he’s got bigger problems to deal with.

Now, I’ve made my opinion of these much-vaunted “alphas” clear around here lately, but I’m happy to clarify it for everyone:

Few things would be as awful as being married to a true alpha because they’re anti-social, cruel tyrants. They’re all totally bonkers, really, and any pretensions to the contrary do not fit with reality. Anytime a man is truly in love, he is biased in his behavior, easy to harm, and prone (some more, some less) to jealousy. This is the nature of eros, which is why male celibacy has always been something the church has valued in its spiritual leaders.