Finding Your Kids’ Strengths

Posted on May 3, 2013 by

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I read an article recently about a family with ten kids. Six of their kids have entered college at the age of 12. She said they managed it by finding their kids strengths and interests and educating them in those areas.

Harding recognized that they would learn more and get less distracted if they studied something they were really interested in. Harding expressed the importance of allowing her kids to pursue their interests.

One thing that strikes me as wrong with an average public education is the lack of focus. You’re taught a little bit of everything. It is impossible for one teacher to teach 30 kids different things or to even know their students well enough to know what their strengths and interests are. As a homeschooler, I think I have the best advantage to cater my kids’ education to what they do and love best. I believe it’s my responsibility to find their strengths and educate them where they are strong.

I wonder though, how do I find my kids’ strengths? And what does “strengths” mean? For example, my oldest daughter is a naturally talented artist. She’s a great swimmer. She’s an excellent reader and loves to read. She takes to school easily. She is good at math, enjoys history and science…and dogs. That is a lot of things that she is good at, but does she excel at any of those? I don’t know. And if she does, what do I do to help her excel even more?

What sort of questions does a parent ask their kids to find out what their kids excel at?
What sort of things does a parent look for to find out what their kids love to do?
What does a parent do when they find out their child’s strength to help them excel at it?

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