Interweb Flakery

Posted on May 9, 2013 by

I’m a notorious interweb flake (IWF). It’s a problem particular to women, but it can strike anyone at any time.

You’re clicking through your favorite blogs and then… whoa! Where did that comment go? Hey, did you guys notice that ChurchianExtraordinare went ghost? Oh, wait… no, there she is again. Did she just change her avatar… again? Wasn’t her handle “CutiePie” and not “CatholicLady”? She’s freaking out… she’s freaking out… and the blog’s gone. That’s all for today, folks.

I can’t take it anymore!!!!

Settle down, fellers. Females gonna female. Sometimes, we just need to rearrange the online furniture a bit, or we got this great new lipstick that we want to wear, or we’ve been dressed in neutrals and decide that fire-engine-red is just our style.

It happens. Sorry. It’s like nesting or costuming, or some insane combination of the two. We just start feeling restless and need to… renovate. It’s so hard to settle down and get comfortable.

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