The childlike mind

Posted on May 9, 2013 by

I was thinking more about ingenuity, as it was brought up in the previous thread.

Ingenuity, like creativity, is the result of a childlike mind. A mind that hasn’t yet been formed and shaped by other people’s expectations and desires. The more you train someone, the less ingenuity they will have. More college will make you better-trained, but less brilliant.

It’s a natural decay over time, and my own abilities are the result of being so crappy at school. If I had managed to get through college, I’d be very dull. More socially acceptable, but less interesting and less unusual. In other words, most of my best ideas are the result of simply not knowing any better.

I can’t remember which German scientist it was, but he said something like that most of the great ideas happen before you turn 25. After that, you’re generally useless and have to take on a professorship or a day job.

I see the same effect with theology. If you study the Scriptures with too much academic focus, it can cause you to lose touch with the “childlike faith”, that is the ideal set out by Jesus Himself. He wants us to keep that inner child and to approach Him with that sort of open mind.

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