For some reason it’s sexy when he does it.

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He is my husband and it would be aging. Since we’ve resorted to mind dumps around here I thought I’d add one of my own. I just hope I can be half as entertaining, though I highly doubt it. Deal with it.

This has been one of my things since 2011. I turned 40 with much fanfare and even more angst. My husband remained in his 30’s;  38 to be exact. We both have summer birthdays. This summer, he will join me in his 40’s, with very little fanfare and even less angst. Even though the two years are still between us, I take comfort in knowing that we will both be in our 40’s now. It’s not rational. I know that, but I’m female. It has been roundly accepted that we are not rational so spare me the reprimand. As I was saying…

When a couple of my gray hairs peeked out, he encouraged me to cover them.

His beard is half silver, and I find myself wanting to touch it more and more.

People tell me I look great “for my age”.

Conversely, hardly anyone can believe that he’s turning 40. At least they didn’t before the gray beard.

I eat less and less and walk more and more, even while watching television. Gotta fight the good fight with much more gusto past 40, “they” say.

He eats Cheetos while watching Vikings and I still think he looks good enough to eat.

Is it any wonder the feminists have a melt down when they consider the benefits of masculinity?

Old vs. distinguished.

Fat vs. “Did you play football in high school?”

Thank God for wife goggles, love goggles, or whatever the heck the sphere is calling them this week.

My husband must have  the equivalent of Coke bottle lenses because he still thinks I’m hot.

I guess that’s something.

I do everything in my power to encourage the continuation of that delusion.

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