Goodbye and no thanks

Posted on May 11, 2013 by

From Zerohedge:

The New European Revolt

It is a fair bet that one way or another, the current generation of young people will be unwilling and/or unable to pay for Social Security and Medicare as they presently stand. Of course, Western Europe has the same problem and President Hollande of France recently got a whiff of what is coming from an open letter addressed to him by a 20-year old student named Clara G.

In summary, Clara does not believe it fair that she and her generation should be saddled with the enormous debt accumulated by Mr. Hollande’s generation. As a remedy, she is considering leaving France for friendlier pastures. She says she is not alone and cites a recent poll by Viavoice which found that a shocking 50% of French people aged 18-34 wish to leave France. Forty-five years after the upheavals of Mai 68, half of the young of France are more interested in exile than in change.