The New Evangelization goes to Europe

Posted on May 13, 2013 by

I’ve been a bit down on moving back to Europe lately, and this weekend I decided to ask the Holy Spirit for guidance and a bit more information. Normally, this should also be the first thing I do, but I don’t learn so fast.

And I stared out the window and saw myself saying heartfelt goodbye to my wonderful pastor, our spirit-filled lay ministers, and the clever and earnest children I was blessed to instruct on the catechism. Then I broke down in tears at our co-op graduation ceremony and hugged my teacher friends and turned to face the disappearing faith of my Vaterland.

What was I going to do there? Where would I go to connect with other members of the Church? Was this Providence? Well, isn’t everything Providence, in the end? Isn’t that what Providence means?

Yo, Holy Spirit, wassup?

And then I thought: Oh duh. God put me right in the middle of one of the most vibrant Catholic communities in the whole world for an intense five-year stint, and now He’s sending me off to a mission field. Maybe this was all just a time of instruction and now it’s going to be my chance to put it to good use.

Thanks, Holy Spirit. If nothing else, that cheered me up.

Peace out.

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