The Death of Womanly Duty

Posted on May 14, 2013 by

death of dutyThis isn’t a new topic around here, but I never cease to be amazed at  women’s ability to rationalize away their marital obligations. Via Sunshine Mary’s, Christian feminist blogger Elizabeth Esther explains why her desire to remain vital and attractive has absolutely nothing to do with her husband:

I am very attractive, thank you. But I maintain a lovely appearance for MYSELF. It has nothing to do with my husband. If he were dead, I would take care of myself because I value MYSELF.

It has “nothing to do with my husband”? “If he were dead”?

See, this is what happens when women decided that your children will always be your children but your husband, well…

We expect husbands to love as Christ loved, but do not allow them to lead as Christ led. And submission? Forget. about. that. The Bible doesn’t actually say that anyway. It calls for mutual submission, where everyone defers to one another and no one defers to the man of the house. Man of the house. What an antiquated and oppressive term; until it’s time to pay the rent.

Women have ushered in the age of the death of duty. Now being self-empowered means that you can submit to fulfilling obligations to anyone you choose, unless he has a penis.

Then, it’s oppression.

Keep fighting the power ladies. Stick it to the man!

We shall overcome…someday.