It’s raining men, and not a drop to marry

Posted on May 17, 2013 by

I’d like to thank Elspeth for pointing out something obvious, but often overlooked:

This is another reason I am unmoved by voices who claim that a young attractive woman has her pick of men. If she’s devout, chaste, and wants to be married young? No, she really doesn’t. Having your pick of bed partners isn’t the same thing as being able to marry at will.

Amen. This was precisely my problem, and I’ve heard young women make the same complaint.

Even before I converted, I was set on getting married young. But… you know what… a young woman can find someone to sleep with pretty easily. But someone to seriously date and vet for marriage? It’s a bit thin on the ground out there, and getting thinner.

Yo, where are the marrying menz?

My suggestions: