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I was chilling on the couch with my mom at 10pm last night — yes, my Friday nights are wild — and we were having our perennial debate: American Idol or Law & Order. She DVRs both of them for me — the latter because I want to watch it, the former because she wants me to watch it — and we cook popcorn, pour tea, and do a marathon until our eyelids freeze in the open position. While she’s clicking around, she accidentally chooses a recording of a show I’ve never seen before and I’m like…

Hold up, Mom. That was Kerry Washington.

*moment of respectful silence while we battle down a mild attack of lip-envy*

Yep. Kerry Washington’s on TV now, in a show called Scandal. And the character she plays is fabulously dressed (half the fun of TV for me is the fashion) and caught in the middle of a colossal case of let’s-watch-you-and-him-and-him-and-him-too fight. And it’s all sort of believable because… Kerry Washington, duh.

Actually, it’s completely unbelievable. The entire show is preposterous and is essentially a political chick-flick of the worst sort, that occasionally features violence that makes me wish I had some mind bleach handy. You should not watch this show because it’s total crap and the truthy parts just make you want to punch stuff cause our world just sucks so much.

Y’all, I watch TV to get away from the Beltway, but the darn TV is full of it. And they casted Washington in a show about Washington. LOL Seriously?

Don’t watch this show. It’s awful. All of the characters are horrible people, and you don’t know who to hate on first. The only redeeming quality is that the interracial relationships are like actual interracial relationships — you know, regular romantic stuff, instead of cheesy, “OMG, we’re in an interracial relationship and let’s freak out about that every day at 1800 hours because our lives are devoid of anything else to talk about, like the fact that I just caught you sleeping with my best friend.” In this show, the “sleeping with my best friend” part takes precedence, just like in crappy real-life relationships.

Crap show. Hated it.

At 2 am, I finally finished watching all of the episodes available and went to bed, but first I spent 30 minutes making pouty faces in the bathroom mirror.

I’m so ashamed.

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