All sluts are equal

Posted on May 21, 2013 by

We talked about whores last time, so now I think it’s time to discuss sluts. Specifically, how men view them. I’ve been watching this dynamic for a while, and have experienced it in all its fascination myself, so I’ve got a pretty good handle on it now. There is a cardinal rule for sluttiness that no woman should discount:

All sluts are equal, but some sluts are more equal than others.

In other words, it’s always wrong to have extramarital sex (I am not a slut apologist), but there is an innate hierarchy of sluttiness, and the lower you go down the hierarchy, the fewer men will want to marry you. In other words, it is always bad to be a slut, but most men will tolerate a certain amount of sluttiness (just as they will tolerate a certain amount of laziness, or indebtedness, or drunkenness, or craziness, or etc.). How much they will tolerate has to do with how otherwise-desirable you are and how low you are on the sluttiness-scale.

So, let’s look at this hierarchy and then you are free to discuss it, throw verbal tomatoes at me, or etc.

  1. Had a long-term relationship (LTR) or two with a guy who reminds you of yourself or someone you aspire to be. These are generally women men won’t even call a slut because they really just can’t get upset enough to be all mean about it. These women arguably have a higher MMV than virgins in the 25+ pool, but a lower one in the teens.
  2. Had a string of LTRs with guys who remind you of yourself or someone you aspire to be. Maybe one ONS or STR, but regretted it and didn’t repeat it. I.e. your average chick in the dating pool. Most guys won’t call such women a slut, but they’ll think it if she turns him down for a date.
  3. Slept with more men than she can count on two hands, but all of them were men who remind you of yourself or someone you aspire to be. She’s really pushing her luck and may end up left on the shelf if she’s too picky.
  4. And here I get controversial and all psychological. I’d argue that, even more than partner-count, the thing that gets men really upset, really riled up, is if they think she’s been sleeping with men who do not remind them of himself. If he’s of a difference race, religion, socio-economic class, nationality, ethnicity… there’s always something, and it’s a slightly different set for each man. There’s some differentiation men make in their minds that puts women right out of the running.