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I got a tip-off about a minor Twitter controversy while reading Cane’s post on the benefits of hypergamy:

There is a conspiracy, but it’s not so much run by women as it is run by very rich and powerful (in a worldly sense) men, and perpetrated on average women (which is almost all of them) who don’t even rise to the level of co-conspirator. They’re simply not that smart, important , or powerful enough to be anything but CONSUMERS of the conspiracy. Actually elite women are some of the most hurt by this paradigm. Don’t believe me: Ask John Legend’s model fiance Chrissy Tiegen about Farrah Abraham. Her rage isn’t because somebody banged Farrah, but because all you have to do to make national news is get knocked up as a teen and then make a sextape. I’d never heard of Tiegen before this, but she’s apparently kind of a big deal–and here she is outshined by a common (6 looks; considering physique) whore at the whim of the owners of Viacom and Vivid–companies run by elite men.

Now, I’ve addressed precisely this phenomenon in a previous post. The absolute deluge of sexual attention that mediocre-looking and skanky-acting women now get is one of the bedrocks of feminism. Because we women crave attention more than anything, a system that gives the middle-majority an enormous amount of it is virtually indestructible (until the money runs out, but that’s a different topic).

But here I want to concentrate on something from the magazine article. Here’s what Chrissy Tiegen tweeted:

and she was hit by a wall of outraged tweets about her supposed “slut-shaming”.

Now, if people were complaining about Chrissy saying “everyone hates you”, I might sympathize. I don’t hate this woman. In truth, until she became a whore, I’d never even heard of her. Now she’s a famous whore, so why the outrage? Shouldn’t she be thanking Chrissy for the free publicity? After all, she’s got a sextape to sell. (So much for prostitution being illegal in America.)

But that’s not how it went down. She called an actual prostitute a “whore”, and people were outraged. Yes, if people pay you directly to have sex, then you’re a prostitute and a whore. Is this news to anyone? Porn stars are prostitutes, even the supposedly amateur ones, just as are the chicks trading “ass for gas” or giving it up for a sugar daddy. But nobody is allowed to point out that they’re a whore because it might make them feel bad about being a whore. The problem isn’t that she called Farrah a whore, but that she called her a whore as if it were a bad thing. Seriously.

It is the job of all Christians to make sure that whores feel good about being whores.  #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

At least some of her followers had some kind of sense:

It’s not bad to be a whore. It’s a legitimate choice and women need to be empowered to make choices. Who are we to judge them?

Jesus said that we are not to judge the behavior of anyone because that’s mean and it might make them feel bad. #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

Kim Kardashian is a whore. So is Paris Hilton. So is Farrah Abraham. That’s not shaming, that’s called using the English language to call a spade a spade and a whore a whore. Being a whore is their actual, real-life profession. That’s what they do in order to pay their bills and I don’t understand why we’re supposed to pretend like they aren’t doing it. Our society is so downright depraved that we can’t even speak plainly about the things people are openly doing without them feeling ashamed and getting defensive.

Why should they be offended? Is that double-plus ungood? If I call a dentist a dentist, will they cry and claim patriarchal oppression? “I’m not a dentist! I’m just misunderstood.”

If you don’t want people to call you a whore, then don’t be one. Or, you know, at least try to keep it on the down-low, rather than issuing sextapes of yourself having anal sex with a pornstar and humble-bragging about how much money you made off of the transaction.

And now put a shirt on, Chrissy.


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