Turns out, the Borg Queen is already here

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I am extremely disturbed, to say the least.

As Christians, we believe in the family as an essential unit of society. The family is hated by Satan because it is a reflection of the divine order. It starts with parents first– our Father, whose Son Jesus was conceived in the Virgin Mary, The Mother of God. For Jesus recognized His parents and taught the importance of parental roles. But we’ve come a long way, baby– to find out 2,000 years later, those roles mean squat. At least, that’s what we’re being led to believe, and the trend is quite scary.

Any sign of parental defect is used as a basis for undermining the sovereign role of parents over their children, regardless of any perception bias, baseless accusation, or delusion of grandeur. This reasoning alone is used to justify the concept that parents should not be the ultimate authoritative gatekeepers of their children. Those who support this concept often decry how children are not the property of their parents. While it is true that children are not property in the sense that a car is property, or a house; children are still under the primary care and teaching of their parents and if anyone wishes to go to the child, they need to go to the parents first. The Church teaches that parents are the authority figures over a child, but even more so, children are gifts bestowed unto parents. A child isn’t an object, but a gift to parents, and parents have the final responsibility, duty, and authority to provide the care and love for their child. This relationship transcends the material idea of mere property.

But there are those who seek to do away with this.

Apparently, children belong to everyone. At least, that is what people like Melissa Harris-Perry want you to believe. Her philosophy stems from the idea that children are indeed property, and they are the property of everyone within a community. She attempts to argue that children aren’t private property of the parents; they are collective property instead. In short, she promotes the theft of children in order to further the public school agenda. In spite of the faulty reasoning, it’s picking up traction. It’s been happening ever so subtly under our very noses.

Public schools already believe children belong to them. They were daring to say the least, when a middle school deceptively used an anti-bullying campaign cover to teach pro-homosexual behavior. Why would a school bypass parental authority to teach about sexuality that should be first addressed by parents? Sadly this isn’t new, as schools were giving out Plan B to 13 year old girls without parental knowledge or consent. Public schools have already decided that children are sexual agents they can conduct social experiments on, and parents just have to deal.

It gets worse when medical professionals decide to go against the orders of their own and then remove a child because the parents wanted a second medical opinion before allowing their infant to undergo a surgical procedure. It doesn’t stop there– parents are noticing doctors asking to be alone with their preteen girls to talk about contraceptive use and the administration of Gardisil, all in the name of “health.” Are parents treated with such disdain that they cannot even be taken seriously concerning the medical care of their own children?

And homeschooling? We might be kissing that one goodbye.

Harris-Perry’s argument rests on the premise that children belong to “the collective.” It’s just a codeword for the State. We’ve seen that one before:


But we know what it’s really about:


We were deaf to their echo?

We are the Borg…Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile

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