My Daughter the Conspiray Theorist

Posted on May 24, 2013 by

1984_orwellMy 19-year-old has made it one of her missions in life to read the books that were never assigned to her throughout her public school career that are worth reading. Some of her list was compiled by asking her father and me what we had to read, and some of it from her own research.

Recently she is reading George Orwell’s 1984 and can hardly get through two pages without stopping to tell me her thoughts about what she is reading. The similarities between Orwell’s future and today’s culture is not lost on her one bit. She is a bit of a ranter like her mother. I do it here, while she does it verbally, to her father and me.

This morning we were discussing the possibilities that the powers that be are deliberately creating a cultivating an illiterate, unthinking, overly entertained and unhealthy populace so that we allow them to have more and more power over us. After all, the dumber we are, the less healthy we are, the more dependent we become, right?

I told her that I don’t think there’s a conspiracy in the purest sense, but that there are certainly people willing to exploit the current trends for their own ends. And then…then I let her read a couple of Hawaiian Libertarian’s  culture, diet and economic posts. She is hooked.  Finally! Someone who sees things the way she does.

She’d be in serious crush mode but for the fact that I told her he is 40 years old and married.

What have I done?