‘Cuz Indiana Jones, that’s why!

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It’s called self-defense, bitchez!

It’s also called not waiting around to get chopped up by some deranged death cult idiot who is oh-so-spiritually pure he just wruuuuuves to subsist in his third world shit-hole full stop corrupt culture all while enjoying first world bennies.  Ahhh, I love the smell of the duplicitous luxury of unrighteous conversion in the morning…

Whoa, obvious nutter axe murderer is obvious. Loving how bruh quotes the Bible here.

On a cheerier note, asshole unassimilated and often illegal aliens like to kill people willy – and – nilly with that lovely cultural tradition of driving around totally stoned out of ones mind.

Viva vehicular homocide! Color me not surprised that a grieving father would behave in such a way.

Fuck that noise. Do not bring a knife to a gunfight, and you better be fast as hell if you’re going to insist on living in a perpetual knife-and-running-you-over fight with – you know – nothing to use for defense besides your mad ninja mind skillz (here’s a clue – you don’t have mad ninja mind skillz).

As for Vanessa’s post on the Founders – I’ll deal with you later, my pretty. Meanwhile, me and him will save you a seat at the bar. Hope you can make it.

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