A tale of two far-rights

Posted on May 27, 2013 by

I have been following the Beate Zschäpe process going through the German courts and I couldn’t help but notice the superficial similarities between the two of us. Both of us are hardly the picture of Germanic womanhood because of our foreign heritage, we’re of similar age, and we both ascribe to politics that are typical of what the media likes to call “the far right”.

But there is a core difference that separates us and has led to our diverging pathways: I am a practicing Christian. For all of Beate’s ostensibly pro-German sympathies, she does not support the Christian church — a church that was once based in Germany, which produced the last pope — and has failed to actually produce any living, breathing, Germans.

This is typical of neo-Nazi women, just as my religious devotion and natalist views are typical of my own reactionary dynamic. The despair and hate generated by their distance from Christ lends itself to another culture of death; a mirror-image of the far-left, but with a different set of bogeymen. Unlike us, they cannot find solace in the Word, they cannot find solace in the spread of the Gospel, they cannot find solace in Life Everlasting. They’re dead already and they know it, so they fail to produce life.

That, my readers, is the cardinal difference between us.