My alternative lifestyle

Posted on May 30, 2013 by

Data from USA Today.

I feel much older than my age sometimes. I think it has to do with the fact that I spend most of my day surrounded by married women, essentially all of whom are older than I am. At 32, with two elementary-aged children, I’m usually the youngest married mother everywhere I go. This doesn’t change as I age, as my children age with me and the other mothers age with me, too.

It’s odd, and its tempting to think that I might just be traveling in older-women circles, but it turns out that my anecdotal experience is backed up by statistics.

I’m living an alternative lifestyle for a woman my age. Being married at such a young age, and then remaining with him for nearly a decade, makes me about as common as the dodo bird. Soon, they’ll lock me in a cage, place me in a park, and people will pay money to gawk at me.

The median marital age for women is 27 (and a whopping 30 for black women!) and illegitimate births are around 30%. That means that we have the same setup as in the 1850s, right before Civil War broke out. (Yes, Victorians weren’t quite what we think they were.) But no worries. I’m sure it’ll end up different this time.

Until then… buy your tickets at the booth cuz there’s a freak on parade.