Gay marriage proves that women suck

Posted on May 31, 2013 by

This is related to the previous post on gay marriage, but I just had to highlight one fact from an article Elspeth shared with us. The article is retarded bunk, but there was one passage that I found absolutely fascinating:

The Gay Guide to Wedded Bliss

RULE 3: Don’t want a divorce? Don’t marry a woman.

… As for divorce, the data are still coming in. A 2006 study of Sweden and Norway found higher dissolution rates among same-sex couples in registered partnerships than among married straight people. Yet in the United States, a study by the Williams Institute has found that gay unions have lower dissolution rates than straight ones. It is simply too soon to tell with any certainty whether gay marriages will be more or less durable in the long run than straight ones. What the studies to date do (for the most part) suggest is this: despite—or maybe because of—their perfectionist approach to egalitarianism, lesbian couples seem to be more likely to break up than gay ones. Pepper Schwartz noted this in the early 1980s, as did the 2006 study of same-sex couples in Sweden and Norway, in which researchers speculated that women may have a “stronger general sensitivity to the quality of relationships.” Meaning maybe women are just picky, and when you have two women, you have double the pickiness. So perhaps the real threat to marriage is: women.




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