Gay marriage proves that atheists suck, too

Posted on June 2, 2013 by

On First Things (h/t Deuce), someone added this brilliant and insightful comment:

Odd that this part of the article didn’t come in for comment: “Intriguingly, some of the Scandinavian countries where same-sex unions have been legal for a decade or more have seen a rise, not a fall, in marriage rates. In response to conservative arguments that same-sex marriage had driven a stake through the heart of marriage in northern Europe, the Yale University law professor William N. Eskridge Jr. and Darren Spedale in 2006 published an analysis showing that in the decade since same-sex partnerships became legal, heterosexual marriage rates had increased 10.7 percent in Denmark, 12.7 percent in Norway, and 28.8 percent in Sweden. Divorce rates had dropped in all three countries. Although there was no way to prove cause and effect, the authors allowed, you could safely say that marriage had not been harmed.”

To which I responded:

Those countries all received a massive influx of Muslim immigrants, which might have affected their marriage and divorce rates. This is evidenced when you look to the composition of the primary schools, which are increasingly made up of the children of Muslims. Since we know that married couples have more children, on average, it follows that more of the married couples are now Muslims.

If you replace sterile atheists with fertile Muslims, the divorce rate will naturally go down, as the religious and people with children have a lower divorce rate. In other words: correlation is not causation.

There is another reason that’s driving the marriage rate up: the natives were delaying marriage, so there was a temporary dip and then a boom, coinciding with the same effect in the birth rate. This didn’t cause more of them to marry, and it resulted in fewer overall childbirths.

Like duh.

And this is why Sweden’s “strong economy” and five dollars will get you a Happy Meal and little else. If you have a strong economy, but a dying society, other people will be happy to move in and milk you until you breathe your last breath. You will be working for the benefit of other people’s children, and they will be so grateful that they’ll do this to you: