Your home is too damn big

Posted on June 3, 2013 by

A lot of people wonder how I have time for everything I say that I do. How do I do all of that and clean the house?

I have a small house, that’s how. Obviously, a larger family needs a larger house, but the scale doesn’t increase in a linear fashion. I’ve always preferred small homes over large as I’m a minimalist and a small home forces me to keep clutter down to a minimum.

Less clutter, less work. If you have little to clean, it doesn’t take long to clean it. I just can’t be bothered spending all day cleaning up clutter, cleaning clutter, and cleaning around clutter.

And it’s almost all clutter.

Don’t bristle, you know that it’s true. How much of it means so much to you that you’d put it in your one-and-only suitcase for a flight over the ocean to a new home? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Everything that doesn’t go into that suitcase is either a useful tool (like a pot, broom, or a set of knives), furniture, or clutter.

I’ve moved house a grand total of seven times, and this summer I’ll add the eighth. And each time, I think, “How did all of this clutter get into our home?” And our home is nearly clutter-free, so it doesn’t surprise me that you’re exhausted and forced to subsist off of spaghetti and boxed cereal.

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