How to end world hunger

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How to end world hunger? Put everyone on a high-fat/carb-free diet.

Everyone would starve without ever feeling hungry. They’d just pop pills for the headaches (a high-fat diet causes brain inflammation, a little of which is good, a lot of which is bad) and stool softeners for the constipation, lie in bed with the shivers and fatigue, and possibly eventually expire. For those suffering from a serious illness like epilepsy or kidney failure, this is better than digesting dubious pharmaceuticals or constantly being hooked up to machines. But for the rest of us, it’s just plain torture and goes far beyond what even the paleo-types recommend.

It’s actually really difficult to consume the minimum number of calories your body needs to fuel itself if you don’t eat enough carbs, for the exact same reason that eating too many carbs will make you fat: carbs drive our appetite. This is why I try to keep my carb intake between 100-150 grams per day, depending upon how active I am, which is pretty ideal for a woman. I feel energetic and fit, I sleep like a rock, my digestive system runs like clockwork, and I have no problem with overeating or undereating.

This is what it feels like to feel good.

I’d lose weight even faster at 50-100 grams per day, but then my life would be even more suck than with my points-counting regime, where I can at least eat a bit of fruit or a sweet potato without having to self-flagellate like some sort of dietary masochist. Once I reach my goal weight, I’ll just start eating more nuts and take a double-serving of guacamole, and that’ll be that.

Based upon a sound guideline from Mark’s Daily Apple (one of the saner paleo proponents), here’s what you need to know about carb intake:

If you reduce your carbs too drastically, you will lose the sensation of hunger completely, and that only sounds like a good thing if you live in a turd-world country full of the morbidly obese.

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