You didn’t own that

Posted on June 5, 2013 by

As I’m trying to escape the USSA (excuse the typo), I’m being confronted with the full-on reality of my serfdom. While I was here — while I stayed put in my little freeman’s abode — I could feel relatively free to leave. Yes, we have to sell the house and hubby needs to get a new job, but that’s not really that big of a deal. We can handle that. We moved over here from Germany, and it was no big deal.

It was no big deal then because we weren’t serfs yet. We had no debt at all, no recurring payments other than rent and utilities, and our savings were all highly liquid. We could literally pack up and leave with two-months notice to employer and landlord, and skip our way to the airport.

Not this time around. No, this time we’re part of the Great Ownership Society. So, part of the ‘Murican serf class.


Carrying on…

The thing that marks the Ownership Society is that you’re not really the owner of anything. You’re just a rent-to-owner, and lots of people never move past that stage. So, you’re essentially a sharecropper without any crops other than your backyard herb garden. That’s why it’s a new theme with a new meme. This newer version of ownership is double-plus good. Waaaaay better than the old ownership.

You thought you had a house, but it’s underwater and selling it will cost more than you have.
You didn’t own that.

You thought you had a car, but you miss a payment and they repossess it.
You didn’t own that.

You thought you had savings, but they’re in your employer’s care, and you can’t liquidate the account.
You didn’t own that.

You thought you had an investment account, but the brokerage wiped out your e-cash.
You didn’t own that.

You didn’t, in fact, own any of that.


Just because you guys can’t get enough of this pyramid.