Constant Prayer, redux

Posted on June 7, 2013 by

I complained recently that I found it increasingly difficult to read the Bible, and received the most-excellent suggestion that I listen to the divine office online instead. Liturgical podcasting, FTW!

Gosh, I really love this medium. I found reading the divine office to myself to be incredibly dull, as it was created to be recited as a group (in monasteries, cathedrals, and such) or read by people whose primary occupation is studying religious texts. So, finally participating in it in the intended manner completely changed my view of it. The repetition comes alive in the audio format, whereas my tired mind used to just blearily slog through the material while I muttered along.

Also, I listen to it while I’m preparing meals (morning prayer at breakfast, daytime prayer at lunch, evening prayer at dinner), so everyone in the house is sitting within hearing-distance because they tend to show up early and watch me putter about the kitchen. This actually helps me listen to what is being said, as physical movement calms my mind and makes me more mentally alert. And it’s so wonderful to see my active children coloring pictures while listening to hymns and smiling at me when the church bells sound on the recording.

Thanks, guys! This is brilliant.

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