They just hate us for our freedoms

Posted on June 8, 2013 by

Today the world woke up to the Next Big Story that’s been accidentally-on-purposely leaked by the government. I don’t know what awful news they’re prepping the population for, but the constant dribs-and-drabs have been very effective at lulling us into an emotional stupor. Most people aren’t even paying attention anymore, but a few are still awake and increasingly jaded.

It’s like watching a horrible car crash happen in slow-motion. You can see how it’s going to end up, but you just can’t look away and keep staring on in horror.

Or maybe it’s like an apocalyptic reality TV. You know the world is going to go down in flames, in the end, but it’s fascinating to tune in every week for the next episode and watch the shady characters being shady and the valiant characters fighting the good fight as the asteroid unstoppably approaches the earth.

Well, get your popcorn out, folks…

Documents: U.S. mining data from 9 leading Internet firms; companies deny knowledge

The rest of the world is yawning at the news, too. They already knew our government is The Great Satan, and this is just more confirmation of that fact. As one Spiegel Online commenter put it (my translation):

I wouldn’t want to live in a state in which this is possible. You can’t justify this sort of infringement upon person liberties with the War on Terror because this is not the rule of law. Human rights apply to all people and an intelligence agency can only do such things if there is a true suspicion of criminal activity and an independent judge has examined the request and found it to be necessary.

Preventative spying is not any different than preventative shooting or preventative torture. We’ve come do the point where we have to ask ourselves: is it worth it to uphold such a state? What were the Stasi in comparison to the NSA?

They were beginners.