War for Christian dummies

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Shit is fucked up and bullshit.

(Cause I’m just classy like dat.)

Being a Christian in our troubling times is pretty confusing. On the one hand, there’s the Just War Doctrine, and the Prince of Peace, and the whole Fifth Commandment thing-y. Clearly, we’re not supposed to rush in to every conflict with guns blazing, not least because that would just be stupid.

On the other hand, the apostles carried swords and weren’t afraid to use them, we know that neither Jesus nor the Church Fathers were pacifists, and things are getting totally crazy out there and somebody’s gotta do something.

What should we do? We were all going to revolt when the tyranny got here, which is why we needed all those guns. Well… tyranny is here — obvious tyranny is obvious, y’all — and all I hear is a bunch of crickets chirping.

Good thing we’ve got those shotguns!

I hate to say, “I told you so!”

So I won’t.

I’ve decided that, for now, I’m going to do two things:
1) Move house to a slightly less shitty place
2) Keep a sense of humor
3) *magic happens*

Cause I’m proactive like that.

Things are getting so crazy that even the Über Liberals I know are starting to run out of excuses for their Great One.

Don’t you just hate when you elect a tyrant and you’re supposed to be for personal autonomy and liberty and stuff? Don’t you just hate that? It’s like:

Real-life conversation from this weekend, with my very favorite Über Liberal:

My Dad: *disapproving face* Did you hear about that guy who leaked all that classified info?

Me: *slightly bored face* Oh, yeah. I don’t know why they bother trying to arrest him before they behead him. Why don’t they just drop a bomb on his hotel and be done with it? The problem with this government is that it’s so incredibly inefficient.

My Dad: *blink* Did you say the Earl Gray was done seeping? I’d like a cup.

Me: Sure, no problem. With or without milk?


And, on a related note, The Orthosphere makes a good point about the War on Terror.

The Behemoth Prism program, under which the Federal NSA snoops on essentially all the phone calls and web activity of all Americans, is operated for the ostensible purpose of protecting us from Moslem terrorist plots developing on American soil. We do indeed need to counter the threat of terrorism within our borders. But there would be no such terrorism in the first place – or, at least, very little – if there were no Moslems in North America. What it amounts to, then, is that our governors are keeping track of everything Americans say electronically *so that* they can keep welcoming Moslems to this country with open arms – and keep alive the threat of Moslem terrorism. The program is needed so that the program can be kept needful.

Would the Prism program exist if there were no Moslems in North America, or therefore any Moslem terrorism? Of course. It’s just that in that case our overseers would be forced to trot out some other rationale for its existence; war with EastAsia, perhaps, rather than with NearEastAsia.

The only scarier thought than the fact that we know the .gov is turning the resident Muslims into terrorists, so that they can pretend to catch them and be Internet Heroes, is the thought that they’re bringing them over here in order to turn them into terrorists. It’s like a whole extra step of evil. It’s like they’ve taken evil to the next level.

It’s like Evil++.