Why I said hello to dating

Posted on June 17, 2013 by

I’m heading out for the day, so I don’t have time to write anything particularly profound and meaningful, but I just wanted to offer up something Haley’s written regarding dating:

Should Christians EVER go on dates with (presumed) non-Christians?

For those of us who have grown up in the church, probably the cardinal rule of dating that is hammered home again and again and AGAIN is to never date an unbeliever. This is because if you date an unbeliever, you will have premarital sex, never go to church again, and basically ruin the rest of your life.

When you’re in high school, or even college, this seems like pretty solid advice… It’s just – what about the rest of us for whom that cutoff point passes, and we’re still single?

Haley’s being very truthy today, y’all, so I just had to give her some props and point out that I met my husband at a big Mardi Gras party and the first thing we did was get totally shit-faced on cheap whiskey and danced to crappy music for a few hours while screaming over it to try to have some semblance of a conversation. And he was attending Mass rather sporadically at the time, if at all.

This is the way most Christians hook up, and I don’t think it’s perfect, but I’m married to a practicing Christian and the ones still trying the Superior Churchian Way often aren’t. I’m not saying you should follow in my footsteps, but I’m not not saying that, either.

I’m just saying…

A lot of Christians are pretty uptight and it’s hard to hook up with someone when you’re not already really relaxed and/or sort of hyper, so there’s something to be said for the old-fashioned habit of having big community parties where everyone just shows up and jams and people have a low-pressure chance to meet potential mates. Front-loading the tension with courting, and all that jazz, can lead to a lame time had by all.