France for the French, and other crazy ideas

Posted on June 19, 2013 by

I just had to respond to the retarded article posted at Return of Kings. I’m not actually following that blog, but I get updates from Twitter sometimes.

Women Fighting Against Feminism

In the name of objectivity though, some particularities about the Antigones must be outlined here. Most of the girls in the following YouTube video adhere to (or at least sympathize with) a fairly hardcore Catholic/Christian, racialist, return-to-the-European-roots ideology.

The white robes being a reference to the purity of the race as well as to the Spartan women of the antiquity who were considered as guardians of traditional family values and hence responsible for the stability of the society.

This also explains the absence of any women of color in the video or even in the group itself . Not all the members of the group are shown in the video, however the members not present in the video are also young white upper middle-class girls; studying in various French universities, Law schools and Business schools.


Did you realize that 99% of European reactionaries are completely and totally white? This just changes everything. How can we trust anything they say if they’re not properly integrated with the invading hoards? Cause, you know, (time for your geography lesson) the native European people aren’t Injuns. They’re a bunch of Christian crackers! It’s like the freaking invasion of the Rednecks over there.

They need to diversify their ranks. Become less traditional, more colorful and modern. We’ll call it… umm… multiculturalism! That word just rolls right off the tongue, don’t it?

First we’ve got the Germans being so annoyingly Germanic, and then the uppity French go getting all French. It’s just unbelievable the kind of chaos that’s going down out there.