Dumb Girls

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Sis tweeted an interesting link from Calculated Bravery that has some bits too good to pass up.

Here’s the interesting thing: while it’s easier to be actual friends with guys, it’s harder to be a leader of them.

Sometimes I’ll be talking to a girl—even if I’m not interested in her, in fact, especially if I’m not interested in her—and I’ll go full beast-mode game. When you can a) see the matrix, and b) you’re not distracted by how much you want her, it’s absurdly easy to keep a girl laughing non-stop.

And invariably, when I do this, I’m left feeling kind of bored, disconnected. Because it’s all bullshit.

I don’t mean game doesn’t work—it works fabulously. But it’s conning the stupid, like putting “Excellent at leveraging group synergies” on your resume. Presumably this is how a plain girl feels when guys fall all over her after she figures out makeup.

The thing I like about guys is that they see through it. Game doesn’t work on them, or at least not nearly as well. Frankly, it’s one of the qualities that I find, dare I say it, noble about men. There’s some truth in the accusations that game works by “manipulating” women*. Well, no shit, everything in society works by manipulating women. Women are the easiest thing to manipulate in the world. Just ask advertisers, politicians, and Cosmo. Game basically boils down to “All the cool kids think he’s cool. Don’t you want to be one of the cool kids?” just done professionally. What’s admirable about men is that they’re willing to say, “Fuck that, I find no value here.” Even if they’re too beta to be able to compete with you, at least they’re not lapping it up like the women.** The most omega of WoW-addict omegas is at least doing something he likes, rather than reading about the lives of movie stars who don’t give a shit about him.

* The question that never follows, but should: “Should we allow people so vulnerable to manipulation to vote?”

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