So it’s cute when Will Smith does it, buuuuut….?

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I heart Will Smith, and I loved the movie Hitch.  It’s sweet and not too wise, even if a bit overly innuendo-ridden.   In particular I love that the main character has made a career out of helping other men in their pursuit of  women who seem to be suitable matches for themselves even if, at first blush, these women seem in a different league.  There is a message of good men enhancing good women, and that’s a good message.

Apparently, this is only legit in the movies, because if you put your ass out there and want to help real men, you’re labeled a violent misogynist and the company through which you’re raising money for your project will hang you out to dry and invite others to do the same by tossing a few labels out there without explanation, example, etc.


Now, it the interest of editorial honesty here, I haven’t watched anything other than this clip that the guy offers up as the purpose for his Kickstarter campaign:


Seems decent enough.  So, unless brah has a clown mask, rope, and a hatchet in the trunk of his car, and I’ve missed his how-to on rape and murder, how is his message violent?  Really?




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