We are progressing

Posted on June 24, 2013 by

It was a fascinating weekend for me, full of fascinating tweets.

I got a kick out of watching China, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Iceland, Ecuador, and essentially the rest of the world laughing their heads off at America’s impotence in stopping the travel of Snowden. It was like a global game of Where’s Waldo?, and I just hope that he lives long enough to enjoy this little taste of victory.

I was relieved to hear that the French haven’t yet given up the good fight against androgyny, and that the Eastern Europeans are shocking the West by giving the homo pride movement a giant, Slavic middle finger. The Slavs are already dying out and they don’t really appreciate a bunch of Western homos and their NWO leaders showing up to give them the final push, thank you very little.

I really appreciated a video (h/t Neuntoeter) concerning Russia’s views of the homo movement. The speaker makes a strong case that liberals have already gotten rid of religion, ethnicity, and temperament, and now they are attacking the last bastion of humanity: gender. Once that has been destroyed, humans will be attachment-less and can be rounded up to be consumer slaves to the New World Order. Conspiracy fact, folks.

And then, yesterday, we had a long discussion about whether Protestants think it’s okay to have homo-sex if you’re straight (Hey, no homo!). Some people seem to have the theology precisely backward. It’s not same-sex attraction that’s going to send you to hell, but rather your pastime of being a homo. You heard it here first, folks!

I got a bit depressed after I read an article describing how the German Lutheran church has decided to expand the concept of family to include choice mommies and homo-marriages. They specifically (yes, this is something they have formally emphasized) want us all to know that they are enlightened and welcoming, and not a bunch of prudish, homo-haters like the Catholics and Eastern Orthodox.