This post is not about sex

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I think we’re all getting a bit worn-out with all of the sex, so now I’d like to talk about food. Sex, food, that’s all a Christian needs to talk about, n’est-ce pas?

Just kidding! I do think about other stuff, but this is all I can manage to write an entire post about lately because my mind is a mush from packing boxes and painting walls for the big move. No matter how exhausted I am, I can always manage to perk up when sex or food are on offer.

This post is not about sex, though, so let’s get to the actual subject:

After posting some information about St. Hildegarde’s teachings on diet and nutrition, I decided to experiment on myself. I’ve been skipping breakfast all week, and I feel great. Not only is it way easier to cut the amount I’m eating by skipping breakfast, I also am more productive in the morning. I wake up and get an enormous amount of housework done before I sit down to eat at about 10am. I’m then not hungry again until early evening, when I eat a large meal, and then I have a snack in the late evening. You would think this would add up to the same amount of weight-loss, as the breakfast is exchanged for a snack, but it somehow doesn’t.

My major problem is that the kids do need three meals a day, and substantial ones at that, so there’s the constant awkwardness of trying to eat around their schedules without being anti-social at the dining table during meals. Don’t really know if I can square that particular circle.

I didn’t understand how this works, but I found someone willing to contribute something scientific-y to my personal theories about why this is, and thought I’d share the link with you. Just in case you’re interested in trying it out.

That is all.

Now you can go back to talking about sex.

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