I’ll Keep My Reservation

Posted on June 27, 2013 by

Since it has been suggested that someone here cover the Paula Deen mess, the resident negress has agreed to touch on the subject briefly, and I do mean briefly.

This is one of those stories that leave me wondering what the heck the big deal is. Yeah, yeah. I know a celebrity (even a Southern one) should know better. But Paul Deen is NOT high brow. She is as close to poor white trash as one could get before her cooking skills and colorful personality lifted her out of poverty.

She isn’t just from the South. She’s from the Dirty South. Of course she’d used the word nigger before. Nothing about her presentation has ever screamed racist to me, and I used to watch her regularly before we ditched cable TV a couple of years ago.

To say she has a ribald sense of humor is a gross understatement. The Thinking Housewife once wrote a critique of this new standard of Southern womanhood.

Alas, one of her sons should have pulled her aside and said, “Now look Mama. It’s 2013 and you just can’t be usin’ that word no more.” It might have done her a world of good. People are very sensitive these days and you can’t be too careful if you have any kind of public platform.

As for me, I’m still lunching at The Lady and Sons next month.

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