The Coming Secular-Religious Persecution

Posted on July 2, 2013 by

The storm gathers on the horizon, and Catholics and Christians had better prepare:

You can be sure in the coming years that those who hold to traditional morality will be further marginalized as haters and bigots. Many church denominations will either stop talking about the issue or “discover” a new angle on interpreting Scripture in order to accommodate the state religion of equality. It will be a time of testing where people will reveal their true loyalties.

The problem is not merely political. All across the nation about 40 years ago, every single state, red and blue, surrendered to feminist demands and passed laws making divorce quick and easy. Our governments have made a mockery of heterosexual marriage, and so now we are mocked with the spectacle of homosexual marriage. It is also surely true that the epidemic of absent or weak fathers wrought by easy divorce has itself contributed to the growth of the gay population and the atmosphere of moral relativism in our society. We reap what we sow. Spiritual renewal is the only true long-term hope we have.

Around us we can readily see the marginalization underway. Obamacare’s mandates–that employers must subsidize abortions and abortifacients (euphemistically known as “family planning”)–threaten Catholic and other religious-based organizations with fines or discorporation.  A Christian business in Colorado faces penalties and jail time for refusing to bake a cake for a homogamous couple. Some within the US military regard Christians, Catholics, and Mormons on par with Al Qaeda and Hezbollah, and even went as far as to recruit anti-Christian gadfly Mikey Weinstein to help write “religious tolerance” policy for the Defense Department. This is but merely the most recent in a long-standing series of attacks on the faithful; Long ago, private property owners lost the right to refuse to rent their property to the immoral or engage in commerce with those whose values they find offensive.  If it doesn’t mesh with the official state religion, your Ashera poles have got to go.

None of this should surprise, however. For Jesus came not to unite but to divide, and all over the Bible, Believers are instructed that persecution is not merely possible but should be expected.  It is a historical anomaly that Catholics and Christians have had accommodating governments and favorable environments; as a matter of history, the opposite is true. Gird up your loins, for hardship lays ahead in these Romans 1 times.

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