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Posted on July 13, 2013 by

Today’s top ten list is of:

Things That Irritate Me Right Now

1. My husband is finally renovating the house. I have two weeks to enjoy it and then we will be couch-surfing.

2. I was oblivious to my artistic and intellectual talents until I became a homemaker and it didn’t really matter anymore. When I tell people I’m a homemaker, they fall silent for a moment.

3. I start reading three different books simultaneously, so it takes me forever to get through them.

4. TV puts me to sleep, so I never see the end of the movie. Also, commercials.

5. Professional journalists should be voraciously curious and engaging writers, but they often aren’t.

6. I’ve finally become pretty, now that I’m too old and too married to enjoy it or make much use of it. My husband finds it unnatural, unnerving, and mildly problematic, but I can at least rejoice at finally being able to wear dropped waists without looking odd.

7. I have to go get fillings next week. Six of them.

8. My children seem to need my assistance less, but my wisdom more. It was so much easier to potty train them or teach them to read than to explain why people are rioting in Istanbul or why there’s a woman in priestly vestments on the front page of the newspaper.

9. Both of my kids are incorrigible smart-aleks and I can’t help but find it terribly funny when they talk back.

10. I miss having babies.

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