She’s no lady, she’s my wife!

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So, because we can’t seem to stop talking about ladies and their buheviar, good, bad and otherwise, I thought it would be helpful on a Friday night to reiterate my favorite phrase and philosophy when it comes to the way of a man with a maid:

A man likes what he likes. (very emphatic period)

And that’s the thing. There are basics, to be sure. But when it comes down to it, those of us who have married inexplicably well are relieved that there is no pyramid nor rating scale that thwarted our own husbands inclination to wrap us up and take us home.

Thanks be to God.

It’s good that there are places to get input and feedback on such things. Oh that young women (and young men) will be self-aware and will heed good advice.

Lord, hear our prayer!

Ooooh, and dance party!

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