Don’t marry a golddigger

Posted on July 26, 2013 by

Don’t marry a golddigging, conservative woman. Rather, marry a strong, independent woman like these:

Rise of the feminist wedding: No veils, no engagement ring – and don’t DARE try to give me away

When searching for a wife:

You should have a strong preference for women who don’t expect you to have a job because they are willing and ready to support themselves and their children. Marriage is about love and sex only.

Don’t give her an engagement ring, so that she can’t publicly preen about being your marked territory. You are equals and proof of your future provision will upset that delicate balance. Besides, what is she giving you? Why don’t you get a ring?

Don’t swear fidelity or rule out divorce. Keep the possibilities open, so that you don’t end up feeling trapped with her later. After all, sometimes a man feels the urge to trade up.

Because we’re all liberals now.