Cameron’s Solution to our Ageing Population: Let Them Die

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Let me try this reblogging thingamagiggy. I’m now following this excellent UK blog, and thought I’d give you a sample of their writing. They also have an article on the phenomenon of “zero hours” jobs that is worth reading.

Like with Max Keiser and some others, the Anglosphere struggles with the lack of any true conservative movement. This blog follows in the same fashion of being socially liberal, but economically conservative (left-liberal), whereas most “conservative” pundits are socially conservative and economically liberal (right-liberal). It’s such an oddity that conservatives are forever stuck between them, despite being far-right.

Scriptonite Daily


Figures released yesterday reveal a sharp rise in deaths across Britain last year, predominantly of women over 85 in the poorest areas.  Sheffield University’s Professor Danny Dorling, who studied the numbers suggests the data may portend the first fall in British life expectancy since the Second World War. Cameron and his government are solving the problem of our ageing population by withdrawing the life support of properly funded, qualified and committed care services for old people.

The ‘Mystery’ Rise in Deaths


The figures for England and Wales were taken from the Office of National Statistics, and for Scotland, the General Register for Scotland.  They showed a 5% rise in deaths above ordinary numbers, and it was poor, elderly women that accounted for the majority of the rise.

But this should come as no surprise.  It was exactly what researchers predicted in 2008, after extensive research revealed…

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