That actually is quite sexist

Posted on August 5, 2013 by

Obviously, I’m taking the insult quite personally.

The Daily Dot reports: Are these women too pretty to be “real” engineers?

Seriously? Yes, seriously. LinkedIn pulled some ads featuring photos of female engineers and stockphotos of women they deemed “too pretty to pass as engineers” from their website.

Just… you have got to be joking. I know numerous women in engineering — yes, real engineers — who are that pretty. A few are jaw-droppingly gorgeous, where even I’ve turned to stare at them in the elevator.

Is there supposed to be some sort of secret agreement among attractive women that they won’t go into STEM subjects, or is it just assumed that pretty women are all too stupid to work in engineering? Is the company obligated to only show photos of plain, aging, female engineers dressed in dowdy power suits, instead of pretty, young, female engineers dressed like actual engineers might dress?

On behalf of female engineers everywhere, I just want to say: Give me a freaking break.

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