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This is a multi-author blog of traditional Christians, who write about all sorts of topics from the orthodox and complementarian perspective.

Our Views on Race

Traditional values transcend race. Race is not irrelevant and there are discernible and measurable differences between the different races and ethnicities. This is not a concept we shy away from here, or something we refuse to acknowledge.

However, the Truth is objective and we were all created with the capacity to live and walk in Truth and to choose an honorable, charitable, and life-giving path. For that reason, people of all races and ethnicities are welcome to join us here, and we do not promote race-based politics.

Warning to readers

Please be very careful of whom you expose your private information to (name, address, phone number, etc.) There are people of low character — yes, even in the Church — who are not above publishing your information online, and bringing potential harm to yourself and to your family, in retaliation for an online argument.

Anyone who publishes, or threatens to publish, someone else’s private information online will no longer be welcome at TC, and they will be named on here so that our readers can be wary of them. If you ever see such an “outing” happen elsewhere, please bring it to our attention.

We do what we can to keep your private data private, so please help us out by being cautious yourselves.

About the Twitter feed

The feed contains links to whatever articles we find interesting. We do not necessarily approve of the comments or other articles at the site, but we’re constantly on the lookout for interesting material and we won’t reject something out of ideological reasons.

The feed is not vetted by the editors as a group, but all contributions were made by an editor. We link to far-right, far-left, atheists and ministers, misogynists and misandrists, racists and hippies, and everything in-between. Click at your own risk.


You can contact the editors at TraditionalChristianity@gmail.com.

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  1. Could you guys help me out here? I’m not really sure what to write.

  2. What about posting a topic schedule? Who goes when? I’m kicking things off tomorrow and then what?

    How about:

    Monday — Terry
    Tuesday — Morticia
    Wednesday — Alte
    Thursday — Terry
    Friday — Morticia
    Saturday — Alte
    Sunday — Guest contributor

    Then we’d have a minimum of one post a day, with each editor contributing at least two posts per week, and a chance for a guest post.

    I’ll go tomorrow and Saturday (since I already have some posts written and ready to go), I’ll see if I can get CC to give us something for Sunday, and then Terry could start the official schedule on Monday. What do you guys think about that?

  3. LOL. Well, we can just post the schedule here, so we don’t forget.

    We can definitely recycle! I’m going to do that while I’m on vacation. I just need to know which days are mine, so that I can go ahead and schedule the posts.

  4. Fresh start for everyone.

  5. Morticia

    June 30, 2011

    Can I recycle some of my old blog posts if I draw a blank or get busy? I got some decent stuff from months ago that got barely any hits.

    I can remember Tuesday and Friday because those are the days the milk man comes.

  6. Morticia

    June 30, 2011

    It works for me.

    Another question. Are the people banned on your blog going to be banned on this blog? Or is it a fresh start?

  7. yay.

    PS: it’s working now, whee!

  8. Go with the other blog theme. 🙂

  9. Anyone who wants to contribute needs to have a WordPress account, or I can’t give them write-access. Make an account, and then email me the data to this site’s account (see above) and I’ll enable you. If you’re a contributor, rather than an editor (Morticia, Terry, and I are the only editors), then your post won’t be scheduled until it’s been reviewed by the editors.

    I’m still looking for people who can contribute one article per week (CC?, Bike Bubba?, Hestia?), and others who can occasionally give us something for Sundays.

  10. Terry and Morticia,

    I was thinking we could keep the blogroll small, and post specific links to individual blog posts (Recent Reads) that we found interesting, without having to agree on them. That allows us to link to more controversial sites without signaling endorsement, and keeps our blogroll from being filled-up with sometimes-bloggers and mommy-bloggers.

    I’ve gone ahead and started the blogroll with some of the more-important sites. If there’s anything on there you mind supporting, delete it (I really won’t mind, and I feel free to delete yours ;-)), and add whatever you like. I just don’t want it to degrade down to a 500-item list of “people I like”. If they comment here, then people can follow their own comments back to their sites, and if they write something unusually good, you can include an excerpt in one of your articles.

    I’ve put Recent Reads at the bottom so that it doesn’t end up pushing the other widgets down when it gets longer. We’ll have to clean it out regularly, though.

  11. Okay, I’ve got Saturday, Sunday (CC has promised me an article), and Monday covered, Morticia is on Tuesday, I’m on Wednesday, and Terry starts on Thursday.

  12. I was thinking three posts per day (2 scheduled ones, and one bonus if we need it). Any more than three, and it’s too confusing. Any less than two, and we lose hub-status.

    I’m trying to figure out how to do excerpts, so that only a bit of each post is shown on the front page.

  13. Well, well; lookee here; the Christian wives of the manosphere have a group mag blog now.

    Good luck with your venture.

    So, Alte, does this mean you’re not going to be blogging on as much Catholic matters anymore, since you’ve closed your other blog?

  14. Well, are you guys going to support our little venture by contributing some content? Think IMF for the anti-nihilists.

    I won’t be blogging about Catholicism specifically as much (compared to what little I previously did), but I will continue to write from a Catholic perspective and quote encyclicals unreservedly. 😉 This is a multi-denominational blog, but not a non-denominational one. We don’t want to be bland.

  15. Morticia

    July 1, 2011

    Ok I wrote something but I don’t understand what you did to make it so that it will show an excerpt and a picture. Also- when do you want it scheduled?

  16. I scheduled it for next Tuesday, which is your first “official slot”. The next Friday should be the next one. I usually schedule things to appear at 6am, so that I have a chance to correct anything that goes wrong before the majority of readers wake up. It also gives the Aussies a chance to weigh in.

    I filled-in the Excerpt section under the post, so you can see how I did it. It should work fine. The software automatically uses the excerpt unless you don’t have one (and then it uses the full text).

    Thanks, Morticia.

  17. Clarence

    July 1, 2011

    I can contribute once or twice a week, but only articles that are topical for something other than religion. General Manosphere stuff, or perhaps a learning type article or something about a current regular or science news story. And I’d be mindful that the audience to this blog skews Christian.

    Up to you, Alte.

  18. Submit and we’ll see. Something father’s rights or science news would be interesting, I think, as none of us are really covering that right now. It would help draw in more male readers. We definitely want male writers!

    I’ll put you down for Tuesdays. Brendan is on Mondays.

  19. Morticia

    July 1, 2011

    Yes! We need testosterone!

  20. yes, once a week – I sent you a reply yesterday….my husbands home for the first time in two weeks so I’m going to read the Bible now. I’ll check in this evening, and turn in my homework tomorrow. The site looks good, very professional w/o being stuffy. Like.

  21. Alte, please limit what you send to my Netspeed account. My wife and children use it too. I assume this projected post can be put together now on the WordPress blogs.

  22. Yes, we can do it through WordPress. No problem.

  23. Morticia

    July 3, 2011

    Alte- How long do you want stuff to say on Recent Reads and what is the most number you want posted?

  24. I was thinking one week would be good. No limit.

  25. Morticia

    July 3, 2011

    Alte- I just wrote another post. I could put it in my next scheduled slot but I wanted to make sure you didn’t want to put it on another day until we got more contributions from others.

  26. No, your slots are you slots. We can have more than one person post on each day, anyway. I just want a minimum of one each day, otherwise things grind to a halt around here.

  27. Morticia

    July 4, 2011

    I sent you an email

  28. After a lovely and satisfying weekend, I’m ready to jump in now, Alte. I even have something in the works for my Thursday post. I think you’ll like it.

  29. Great!

  30. Morticia

    July 5, 2011

    I snuck a little peak at some of the scheduled articles written by others and I must say…this site is awesome. We got some really good stuff coming in the weeks ahead.

  31. You couldn’t have said that privately, Morticia?

  32. No peeking! LOL

  33. Morticia

    July 5, 2011

    Well, I have a good reason for peeking! I was scheduling my posts and wanting to make sure there wasn’t much overlap in the topics.

    David- think of it as a teaser. lol.

  34. And now you guys see why I wanted some help moderating! This site is TL;DR now. I left for 45 minutes, and came back, and there were over 100 comments more. This is a good thing, but it means that I’m no longer up to doing this alone. Thanks, you two.

  35. Okay, I admit after seeing Morticia’s comment…I peeked.

    I’m feeling woefully behind and inadequate now though so I should’ve kept my nosy eyes away from the coming attractions.

    I’m thinking I may have to retire my personal blog sooner than I’d hoped if the traffic keeps up over here. If I find myself neglecting it too much, I’ll revisit the issue.

  36. Morticia

    July 5, 2011

    Terry- I mined a really old livejournal for material. Some of the stuff I originally wrote 2 years ago and just tweaked a bit to make it more suitable for the forum. Most of them are very short and I have my doubts that they will ignite much debate. I might try and write better stuff and then just push those forward for when I get busy.

  37. David- think of it as a teaser. lol.

    At first when I heard the news about the new blog, I figured that I wouldn’t need that Android phone with a data plan so I could keep up with the comments at work or when I’m out running errands. On second thought, I may have to actually do so if the pace keeps picking up. Regardless, if you’re going to cheat, maybe you should keep quiet about it.

    I left for 45 minutes, and came back, and there were over 100 comments more.

    I suspect it’s because there are multiple entries running concurrently right now. It’s not as if we’ve magically grown in terms of commenters Plus, it’s summer and most of us have nothing better to do.

  38. Morticia

    July 5, 2011

    I have an android phone too, with a great data plan. If only the battery could keep up it.

  39. I have an android phone too, with a great data plan.

    Prepaid or traditional cell phone carrier?

  40. Morticia

    July 5, 2011

    traditional- through verizon.

  41. traditional- through verizon.

    So, that’s where you money has been going. In theory, I could go that route, but it’s simply too expensive for what’s really a luxury. I’m not going to savage my debt servicing, savings, or weekly expense budget for a $30 + tax data plan so I can push reload on my phone waiting for somebody to reply at this place. Now, a cheaper pre-paid plan may be a different story…

  42. BTW, I’m currently on VZW. I may flee to Virgin Mobile which uses Sprint’s network…

  43. Morticia

    July 5, 2011

    i use to need the data plan for my at-home business. Now that I don’t have an at-home business I may get rid of it, unless I find another profitable use for it.

  44. You have an at-home business? I guess that’s what they call selling meth these days… 🙂

  45. Someone do a post on this:

    Seriously, women think this behavior was a good idea?

  46. Yeah, someone should, CSPB. Like… how about you?

  47. Morticia

    July 5, 2011

    Alte- *snort*

  48. Clarence

    July 6, 2011


    If you read the next two blog entries by her I think it’s obvious she loves her husband. And he’s hardly some pushover. When she suggested that she might buy two more he asked her if she wanted to be buried in the front yard or the back 😉

    I gotta admit I was a bit peeved about the Giant Chicken (though it was funny in a way) but while it seemed passive aggressive on her part at the time, its seems they’ve turned it into a humoress object between them.

    I could be wrong. But that’s my take on it.

  49. Re: Chicken.
    Came back from taking the kids to the dentist and being blamed by the ex for the cavities one boy has…. just the minor hassles of life.

    And I find a fight. About an. ugly. Chicken. And everyone in the comments is congratulating her. A hundred bucks is… groceries for about three days here.

    What is wrong with that woman? Her man should have just taken it back.

  50. Butterfly Flower

    July 6, 2011

    A hundred bucks is… groceries for about three days here.

    Or a Betsey Johnson swimsuit, or a B.Makowsky bag on sale at Macy’s, or two pairs of those Mariah Carey high heels they sell on the Home Shopping Network….

    I mean, what sane woman impulse purchases a giant metal chicken?

  51. Clarence

    July 6, 2011

    All that matters is whether the effect on her marriage is good or bad. I dare say that she seems to know how to defuse a fight. And her post on her anniversary is that she is looking forward to 15 more years.

  52. Butterfly Flower

    July 6, 2011

    All that matters is whether the effect on her marriage is good or bad. I dare say that she seems to know how to defuse a fight. And her post on her anniversary is that she is looking forward to 15 more years.

    It sounds like you found their little “chicken” fight endearing .

    So, what kind-of impulse purchases would piss you off?

    Foe example, would you be amused if your significant other randomly brought home a pet Piranha? [they’re illegal in the state of NY, but they might be legal in Maryland]

  53. This is the wrong place for this discussion. CSPB, please write a post about this for us, as it’s obvious everyone wants to talk about it.

    3,557 hits yesterday, guys. Keep up the good work!

  54. what sane woman impulse purchases a giant metal chicken

    LOL, I have a client I can ask, and I’ll get back to you.

    Could we consider Throne and Altar for the blogroll?

  55. He’s fine with me. What about Morticia and Terry?

  56. Morticia

    July 6, 2011

    fine by me.

  57. Morticia

    July 6, 2011

    3800! So what is the record at your old blog, Alte? Whats the number to beat?

  58. or two pairs of those Mariah Carey high heels they sell on the Home Shopping Network

    I’d kill for a wife who’d buy high heel shoes all the time. At least I’d know that she’s wearing them for me, but instead I keep finding useless women with useless hands and feet and plain faces.

  59. 3,557 hits yesterday, guys. Keep up the good work!

    And 3000 of them from me hitting reload waiting for somebody to attackreply to.

  60. Alte, please, please, if you can, put back the timestamps on the comments. It’s great for knowing if it’s worth pursuing somebody’s comments, especially in the TLDR comment threads.

  61. Clarence

    July 7, 2011

    Butterfly Flower:

    Since there will apparently be no “chicken” post at least anytime soon, I will answer your question.

    “Gag” gift purchases? Well:
    Nothing dangerous, and nothing over 200 dollars. Between 200 to 900 dollars we are looking at a problem. Anything over a 1000 dollars counts as a major purchase and if this happens more than once without my input (unless its HER money) we are going to have problems. And obviously none of this applies if the money used was to go to an important bill.

  62. That’s over the average for my old blog already. I am aware that many are reloads, but that implies that people are spending quite a while at the blog, and that there’s a whole lot of reading/commenting going on. That’s pushing us up the Google search hits.

    I can’t do the timestamps.

  63. Morticia

    July 7, 2011

    If you get up to a certain number of hits a month wordpress will let you put certain ads up but they share the profits. If we did that then that could help afford some upgrades.

  64. They already sent us an AdSense link. We need to set up a bank account for that first, though.

  65. Chels

    July 7, 2011

    Could somebody write an article about the effects of feminism on boys and men? And another article on what men want?

  66. Chels: We menfolk want:

    (a) Justice and fairness, for all, in society, &
    (b) Love and respect, for all, in relationships.

    That’s all; ’nuff said. Is that so much to ask?

  67. They already sent us an AdSense link. We need to set up a bank account for that first, though.

    Vampirism is profitable now, or are we simply reinvesting the money into new ways of spreading the culttraditionalist faith? 🙂

  68. Alte, a couple of technical questions…

    1. What are you using to track your stats?
    2. How do you get google analytics to work out what you are doing? I’m averaging 200 plus visitors and 700 hits a day according to NewStatsPress and 14 people on google analytics. There is an order of magnitude difference here.
    3. I run my own site, and am not on wordpress. (I use wordpress) Cottage child said she wanted stuff… do I email it to you or do i need yet another account?


    PS. Alexa does not know about you yet. That will come.

  69. Clarence

    July 9, 2011


    This might be a good post all in itself. You know I am not qualified to defend your traditional Catholicism. I will say this guy makes me a bit ill. He seems only one step below “Bishop” Shelby Spong in terms of apostacy. If he was honest, he’d probably have to leave the Christian faith.


  70. Updated with paraphrase of one of Terry’s recent comments on race.

  71. Ladies, is that link for PayPal broken?

  72. I could imagine that one of you girls could spin this into an quick article. It’s interesting to note that it’s state subsidized, availible to all regardless of religion or marital status, and to a certain extent, probably provides for better outcomes for the children and mothers. Arguably, it reinforces a bit of traditionalism, but I suspect some may be leery of that, and admittedly, Israel is a massive special case.


  73. Clarence

    July 19, 2011

    Very disappointing young lady. Is this some sort of swipe as Svar? What makes you think he would do that?

  74. BF,

    If he’s a man of his word, you have nothing to be afraid of (although I must say that it was a very, very bad move on your part).

  75. BF, I am sure Svar would not do anything unethical like that.

  76. 7Man,

    Give me a break, not all men are like that and she has a reason to worry.

  77. Morticia

    July 19, 2011

    How on earth could Alte prevent Svar from posting your photo?

    Maybe you should email Svar and ask him not to post your photo instead of going through Alte.

  78. Clarence

    July 19, 2011

    Chels is right in general, but not on this blog.
    Seems her heart is in the right place.

  79. Just a technical note, but I think this timestamp is off by a bit…

  80. Morticia

    July 19, 2011

    The timestamp is Eastern time.

  81. 7Man

    Based on a few statements, I cannot have an accurate opinion; besides that, of course, anyone can lie on the internet and pretend they’re something they’re not.

  82. Really bad move on BF’s part, stupid of her to trust anyone on the Internet that she hasn’t met, trusting a stranger! sheesh

  83. 7man is correct. If Svar did that, all the men here would have contempt for him. In any case, he won’t. He is clearly a decent young man. I wish women would stop assuming the worst of men.

  84. Well then, let’s hope you’re right.

  85. BF

    So then why, just why in the world would you something as stupid as sending your picture? Lesson for next time I guess…

  86. What the fuck? Alte, BF, is just trying stir up some more drama again. I thought she was banned?

  87. BF, I truly, truly hate you. You are fucked in the head.

  88. Thanks for the advice, CSPB. I read through the whole exchange and I just got pissed. This was a way to make me look like a bastard and for her to gain sympathy. She knew what she was doing. Throughout this whole time, never has it once occured to me to post her picture online. I mean, who even does that?

    Whatever, obviously BF has issues with paranoia, but I will confirm that I do not intend to post her picture anywhere on the internet.

  89. Alte is gone for the night. She said she isn’t feeling well. Since I have made the mistake of trusting someone online only to regret it (not to the extent of BF, of course), I’ll not pile onto BF for her naivete. However, given that everyone seems to have had their say here, we can safely assume that Svar will not post or reveal BF’s picture.

    Alte is not Svar’s mother and she couldn’t stop him from posting it if he wanted to. She has no authority over him, BF. I don’t know why you would assume asking her to intervene would guarantee any kind of favorable result. Use more discretion in the future, young lady.

    Since it seems that BF and Svar had a budding friendship that has gone sour, I can’t see any reason to continue taking swipes at one another on our blog, and we (I) will not allow it. Y’all should just cut your ties and move on. If things change send us an e-vite to the ceremony, but this is not the place to hash out your personal issues. Can we please end this conversation now?

    Case closed. Please.

  90. Editor: I said case closed.

  91. Brendan

    July 19, 2011

    Ham fists here.

  92. Can you all, the more mature adults here, do us a favor and disengage from this drama? I’d appreciate it. 7man, looking forward to your post.

  93. Editor: Chels, please wait and respond to 7man’s post. Although I agree that it is pretty crazy to assert that all men are trustworthy, I really don’t want to do this here. Y’all, please don’t force me to shut down comments on this page.

  94. BF,

    You asked me if I would read your email, and I responded, “No.” As in, “No, I would not read your email.” Go away and stop insulting Svar like he’s some sort of pervert.

    Ladies, is that link for PayPal broken?

    I don’t think so. You just have to enter in your information on the page we linked to, and our email address on the second page.

  95. Morticia

    July 26, 2011

    The twitter widget isn’t working. It is behind in displaying the updates.

  96. It’s always like that. It refreshes periodically, not with every change.

  97. Alte, I am working on an article at the moment but it’s taking me a while…mostly because my job sucks and drains almost all energy out of me, I’m looking for another job, amongst other things. No begging required 🙂 Calm down pretty lady!

  98. I just emailed you, Alte.

  99. quick question — not sure where to put this — is there any way to adapt this blog format so that you can browse past posts? minus the “recent posts” panel, there doesn’t seem to be this option at the moment. that would be super helpful, i think.

  100. Archives are available in the panel.

  101. ah yes, forgot to say not counting archives. i dislike browsing posts by title and would rather be able scan the full text (or, at least, a snippet of the text) of each article.

  102. though i see i can do this by month. still not exactly what i was looking for, but i guess i’ll have to live with it. thx

  103. Finally got a wordpress.com account. (My blog is at a2hosting)..

    I need to think of 20 good reasons not to retire now …

  104. did anyone receive my email? Alte, Terri, Morticia?

  105. I haven’t received an email, Lacey.

  106. I sent it to the blog email.

  107. I still haven’t received your email, Lacey. Could you resend it, please?

    I’ve updated the schedule. Guest posts are now first-come-first-serve.

  108. I don’t really know about 7 Takes, guys. We write so much about our lives in the comment threads, that I can never think of anything to write.

  109. I was looking up the “hermeneutics of suspicion” on Google and found this Traditional Christian website called levelwise.org/ and I saw this article:


    The author is analyzing a defunct Manosphere site(anti-feminist) and agreeing that there isn’t much decent, feminine and traditional women out there but he advises young men on where to find them.

  110. I think he is a traditional Catholic and he’s advising young, traditional Catholic men to either look at Catholic immigrant girls or even-brace yourself-Protestant girls:

    “Many immigrant communities are also worth considering, whether Filipino or Lebanese or whatever, provided your sons can hustle their wives into an orthodox Catholic enclave somewhere fast before assimilation takes place. Unfortunately most immigrant groups tend to trust the schools and the media too much and don’t really provide a viable counter-culture. And then — some of you aren’t going to like this — there are the fundamentalist Protestants. Many of these sectarians have preserved a Christian sense of femininity within their families and have insulated their daughters from popular culture. Sometimes their daughters can be enticed to convert for love. Finally, single men shouldn’t rule out the possibility of finding a late-in-life convert who is serious about traditional marriage. With grace, all things are possible. ”

    It was a good find. To think, if I hadn’t been talking Nietzsche over at Bonald’s.

  111. Updated the article schedule.

  112. Wow, RL, I read that BBC article and I felt sick. MultiCulti and even feminism. That’s the problem with miscegenation: it’s used as a proxy for leftism. I don’t care about miscegenation and I may commit it myself, but it’s seen as a symbol of the Culturally Marxist left(but only if white women commit it, of course. I’ve noticed that was the only examples he used). And that’s a problem.

  113. Especially, London where I live, is quite multicultural these days. However, UK is much decreasing immigration these days. Especially, the legal way to attract high-achievers is mostly gone. But UK suffers by magnitudes higher illegal immigrations via unsupervised ports and other entry points. Those entry points are frequented at evening hours and weekends when most staff members are gone.

  114. Damn, RL. That sucks. Let me guess, it’s “raaaycist” to send illegal immigrants back home? Do you think that there is any hope for Britain?

    Btw, are you enjoying the MultiCulti riots? How does the whip-hand feel? Enoch Powell was right. Rivers of blood.

  115. Hey Alte. i emailed you. As did Svar, LOL.

  116. Alte,

    I remember a video you posted on the last blog.

    It was an old German cartoon you said you show it to your kids.

    I tried looking for the comment, but I gave up.

    Can you tell me the name of the show?

  117. Any objection to a former christian turned Jew occasionally commenting from time to time or are we not welcome here? Not being a wise guy, you would be surprised though.


  118. No objection. We have atheists, agnostics, and people of other faiths commenting here. Everyone is welcome as long as they maintain a civil tone.

  119. this is a test for id change – I can’t seem to make it work –

  120. Keoni Galt

    November 11, 2011

    I like the new design!

  121. Me, too, I should have said that – it looks very news-y and professional.

  122. Thanks. I’ve been meaning to clean-up the design and make it Kindle-friendly for a while now, but today was the first day that I could find the time to battle with css. Thanks to everyone who’s holding down the fort, btw.

  123. I like the new design too. 🙂

  124. Hey Alte,

    I noticed that you deleted a comment of mine recently on one of your posts. Apparently I was not being “serious” enough about the topic. I have to say your blog has become insufferably boring and pretentious. You take yourself too seriously. On your old blog you used to have nice, humorous discussions about things like sex, and it was a pleasure to visit and comment. I found the discussions lively as well as information. I visited almost every day.

    Now, in your effort to “bring Traditionalism to the Masses” you are taking yourself too seriously. Do you actually think a blog is that important??? If so, I think you are little delusional.
    Why should I waste my time coming here anymore and commenting, if you, in all your moral seriousness and pretense are going to delete my comments? Your constant threats to “ban” comments by different people is laughable, seeing that this is merely a blog. As if you are really that important? Then again, I have come to see that this blog is now made up mostly of a mostly humorless, bitter Christian housewives, bored with their lives, and a few masturbating teenage boys and sexually repressed men. The only entertaining things now offered are the bitter arguments by the different factions of holier than thou traditionalist Christian commentators. So, let me help you. Instead of wasting your megalomaniac time by “banning” me, I will simply chose to not visit this blog anymore. There are plenty more options out there by people who are not afraid of good and humorous discussion, or who are not letting the morality of Catholic clergy dictate the nature of their blog. For instance, although not perfect, CL ‘s blog is more interesting, humorous and edgy anyways, which is what I prefer. They don’t “ban” my comments.

    Racer X

  125. Thank you for saving me the trouble of banning you, Racer.

  126. I find it curious the lack of interest in almost anything that isn’t prurient in nature. I appreciate edgier posts as much as the next person, but as I am blessed to be in a relationship where I am fully sexually satisfied and where I make it my business to see to it that my husband is as well, it’s not something at the forefront of my thinking all the time.

    So other than the occasional desire to help other women be satisfied and satisfy their men, I don’t feel a compulsion to talk about sex as much. A person eating three square meals doesn’t spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about food. I imagine the same thing would apply to sex. Preoccupation as a sign of dissatisfaction, I mean.

    It has its place in the great conversation of course, but in the context of all of life’s issues. There are blogs like Sheila’s where you can find a sex post every other day, but that’s one of her areas of expertise. This is not a sex and relationship blog. We discuss it of course, but it’s not all we discuss. Nor should it be.

    A Christian blog that never discusses theology is misnamed to put it mildly.

  127. Oh, and one more thing:

    or who are not letting the morality of Catholic clergy dictate the nature of their blog.

    Why would a person embrace a faith if they are not interested in upholding the tenets of that faith in every thing that they do? Religious faith that is compartmentalized is not genuine faith! No, the people at the local parish may not be privy to what a person writes on their blog, but the person writing it is and more importantly, God is.

    I’m not Catholic by the way, but thought that was worth mentioning.

  128. Bye, Racer, I’ll miss you! (cottage quietly hums Hotel California to herself….)

  129. Thanks for adding me to the blogroll.

  130. Of course Chris! We like having you around, and personally I think you’re very insightful 🙂

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