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While we are on the topic of blogs…

May 4, 2013


While we are on the topic of blogs, I have decided to type up a post on the blogs I have read in the past, as I gradually moved to the right. My first really right leaning blog was Dr. Dan Abotts tdaxp, which is on going to this day and is published at […]

Sexual Freedom and the Control of Adolescents

October 3, 2012

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One of the somewhat common hypocrisies one sees today is the one that decries sexual activity amongst “children”, ie those under age 18, but not sexual perversion amongst adults. This is in some respects paradoxical, but is in other respects a necessary reaction to the inherent problems of modern sexual freedom. Sexual freedom opens the […]

Inner Desires and Self Annihilation

September 12, 2012


Society needs to be reformed, although not in the manner that many of the “reformers” around us say. They should more properly be called deformers. A more interesting case is the latent unease with our social problems around us today. It might just be nostalgia, but it could be something more. There are similar themes […]