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  1. Confused Catholic

    November 30, 2012

    Hello, maybe you can help me. I came across your blog several months ago and thought of you when I recently came across a comment on a men’s blog that confused me. However I see that you have since closed commenting to your site under the blogs you wrote.

    Anyway, since you are Christian like I am (and Catholic IIRC), maybe you or someone else can answer this for me.

    First, read the comment;

    Dennis B

    “So… how many men are raped in prison? And from the few episodes I caught of his show, I think it’s pretty clear Trump has quite the hard-on for the firing process.”

    Dizzy, you’re not a man, so it would behoove you NOT to guess how men think or feel — and what their motives are. Men, as you know, have prostate glands that fill and fill and fill with ejaculatory fluid. A prostate exam can often tell how recently a man ejaculated by how “boggy” the gland is. When the prostant is swollen and sperm fill the testes, men get to the stage where we have erections almost all the time, until we get some release.

    How many men here have attempted to go weeks without some release and found they can’t think of anything but sex because their bodies won’t let them?

    Feminists seem to mock this, but unless you’ve felt it, don’t discount it. Needing ejaculatory release is almost like needing to go to the bathroom, to put it crudely.

    At the same time, men don’t get the constant compliments women do and therefore don’t have the instant option of having physical companionship at a whim. The idea of never getting any human contact is something females almost never have to face (except in old age).

    If you put these two things together and lock two men up together, the need for release and some human contact make sexual contact inevitable.


    Is the above statement true? And if it is true what does that mean for the men in our religion who are supposed to be celibate, like our monks and priests?

  2. It is true that men desire release that way, but it is not true that the desire doesn’t fade over time. Men with an overwhelming sexual desire are specifically selecting against in the orders, just as we now select against same-sex attraction.

    There are celibate monks in other religions, as well, and they also eventually just get used to it. Mind over matter, as it were.

  3. Confused Catholic

    November 30, 2012

    Yet if you look at all the religions that stress celibate orders, sexual deviancy including child molestation are not uncommon. From Buddhist monastaries to Hindu ashrams to Christian monastaries, etc.

    I’m beginning to think Judaism, Islam and other religions that forbade such orders were onto something.

  4. Confused Catholic

    December 4, 2012

    Hello again. I’m asking here because your blog doesn’t seem to allow comments elsewhere, such as on your latest one regarding the One Drop Rule. But why would you, as a self-identified “black” woman link to an article on the “Africanization of France” in your Twitter feed, from the Alt Right blog that has a lot of straight up racist content in its comments section? And I’m not talking about “raciss” but actual hardcore, ill wishing RACIST comments about Black people?

  5. Direct your inquiries to Alte via email, please.

    Our email address is TraditionalChristianity@gmail.com

  6. Silly mommy

    May 18, 2013

    The Christian manosphere baffles me. God is pretty much ignored. The law isn’t, but te transforming grace of God is. A Christian marriage is a special covenant where your love and attraction grow, even as the woman ages. My husband and I have been married for 10 years and have four kids and the sex and attraction is better than ever. The Lord just makes everything better! I’m very attracted to him, although some people may consider him a beta. I don’t know what he is. He’s nice and funny with great hair and I want him so bad! You have to have hair to be an alpha, right? 😉

  7. Where to start?

    1. The traditional marital covenant is subverted by the state.
    2. The long march of feminism has subverted many churches.

    As a result, the divorce rate in the church is embarrassingly high. And divorce destroys children. It’s fairly damaging to women, and pretty destructive to men, who become slaves to the court (who jails them if they do not pay alimony).

    The system is thus unjust.

    Yes, God can transform, but I have seen many more men devastated by the wife leaving because he tried to be equal with her — and serve her — instead of taking a leadership position and ruling the family. As Paul noted he should do (if he ever wants to be an elder — the Titus list).

    So the Christian tradosphere is about three things.

    1. Teaching men to select women wisely, and vice versa.
    2. Discussing the management of women, and vice versa… including the risks of ruling from below.
    3. Managing the trolls — from officialdom, the concern trolls, and the churchians.

    We do get a certain pleasure out of snarking at the memes, as well.

    Oh, I forgot… domestic skills. Us solo Dads use the recipes the girls have.

  8. A Christian marriage is a special covenant where your love and attraction grow, even as the woman ages. My husband and I have been married for 10 years and have four kids and the sex and attraction is better than ever.

    @ Silly Mommy:

    I get what you’re saying. Things are pretty hot between my husband and I as well, after 19 years and 5 kids. A lot of what you read in the Christian manosphere needs to be filtered through 1) the lens of Scripture, and 2) the fact that most of the men, with a few notable exceptions* are young and single.

    They have no appreciation for the things you mentioned here. They are watching a horror show of Christian women behaving badly whilst ignoring good single Christian men until they turn 30 and decide they are ready to marry. And like most young people (including us when we were younger, they don’t really appreciate that they will age too, as will their wives when they find the “perfect” girl worth marrying. I used to think 40 was old, until I turned 40. Now that my husband is turning 40, I think 40 incredibly attractive, LOL.

    Lots of young people who haven’t lived saying a lot of things you can’t relate to is the way of the Internet.

    *Cane Caldo is good.
    *Empathological is another (his latest post in praise of his 47-year-old wife is worth a read)
    *Dalrock writes excellent articles, but I would STRONGLY urge yo to skip the comment threads. If you’re not disciplined enough to do that, skip his blog.

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